Stocare is a B2B product that provides streamlined solutions for businesses engaged in ostomy care products by integrating the workflow from quotation, order processing, customer account management, accounting, inventory, and product delivery.

The Challenge

The project was based on an existing business process that needs to be automated to lessen the paper works. The aim is to integrate two applications: CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The original system structure was a tightly coupled system. The goal is to create a single application that can cater to the clients' needs and have the platform hosted in the cloud.

The Solution

LANEX adjusted the original system structure to cater to the new goal, from the database design to its user interface integrations, to make the system loosely coupled. The team also merged the features of the two applications, CTI and CRM, where users can directly perform telephony functionalities within the same environment while catering to customer needs.
Implemented Features

Order Management

Structured order and estimation process workflow.


Dashboard and notifications for unbilled/unpaid orders, coupons/vouchers, subscriptions, and reports.

Voucher/Coupon Management

Management and tracking for customer’s vouchers/coupons usage.

Brand Identity Design

Designed the brand assets and theme to be used in the website based on the brand identity of the company

Customer Support

Call center system features to manage In/outbound/transfer calls, call history, reports, and sales

Centralized Data Management

Centralized data management for customers, products, manufacturers, hospitals, and municipalities.

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