LANEX Sponsors PSISTORM Gaming


LANEX is proud to announce that we are officially a sponsor of PSISTORM Gaming. PSISTORM Gaming boasts top-tier players in StarCraft 2, and professional and competitive players in Pokemon Unite, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, CS: Go, and more. 

PSISTORM Gaming hosts and audience
LANEX Sponsors PSISTORM Gaming
Takayuki Kobayashi, CEO
Takayuki Kobayashi, CEO

Takayuki Kobayashi, CEO: “We are big fans of PSISTORM Gaming and esports and are excited for this sponsorship to increase our brand awareness to regions they are known in, particularly the United States, Europe and South America. Our business is in software services and many of our employees and clients watch esports and some play StarCraft 2, DOTA 2 and other games.”

PSISTORM Gaming hosts
PSISTORM Gaming Hosts

The team has competed and won championships at Dreamhack, GSL, and WCS events (5) P1 VISA holders to the US; players from all over the world: Europe, Asia, and Americas. With 18 million viewer minutes per month from broadcast streams, the team has totaled over $500,000 in prize money from 606 tournaments.

PSISTORM Gaming Man handlng trophe
LANEX partnership with PSISTORM Champion

LANEX's partnership with PSISTORM includes media and broadcast production, events, and promotions.

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