Importance of QA and Testing in Software Development


Do you ever wonder why your favorite video game character suddenly got stuck on the furniture even if the furniture is very small and your character can jump through it? Or your favorite dating app matches you with people that are not on your preference list, even if you have already set your preferences on the settings menu? 

These scenarios might be funny, but for others, it’s annoying and frustrating!

These are called "bugs" or "glitches". According to an article by Game Dev Tycoon, these are game points encountered in the process of game development which represents flaws or unforeseen events in a game. Given this situation, how are companies making sure that they provide high-qualified, stable, and safe products? They do what the industry calls Quality Assurance. It may sound easy and straightforward, but it isn’t.

Quality assurance or QA is an undervalued part of the game development process. The effects of good quality assurance are completely invisible while the bad ones render the game unplayable. QA Engineers ensure that critical flaws, bugs, and issues are detected and then resolved before the software is published to its users.

Quality Assurance verifies that the system is reliable and stable in the long run.  Below are some of the added value QA provides to the project and the whole company:

1. Quality stable product

Quality Assurance testing verifies that the system would meet different requirements such as functional, performance, reliability, security, usability, and others depending on the type of project. Quality Assurance Engineers make sure that the product runs as intended and stable.

2. Reputation

The outcome of a product would determine the outcome of the company’s reputation. If a product comes out great, it would provide a good reputation for the company. Otherwise, it would be hard for the company to market other products because one of its products flopped. It is best to ensure that every product launched goes strictly into quality assurance checks to avoid it impacting your business in a bad way.

3. Safety

Performing Quality Assurance guarantees that products that are released to the general public are safe and is consumer-centric. This means that the product was made with the consumer’s safety in mind. Although unforeseen events cannot be prevented, it would be the least of problems for both the consumer and the company.

4. It saves money and time

Providing Quality Assurance on projects saves money and time as these bugs and defects are found in the early stages of development and developers can fix them without releasing the game to the general public. This prevents game developers from releasing unintended game patches too often that would mean cost on the development of fixing these bugs in the release. 

5. Client satisfaction

Quality Assurance makes sure that the requirements provided by the client have been fulfilled. 

Quality Assurance plays a significant role in any development process because it prevents unexpected defects during development and reduces the cost of the whole development process by releasing necessary patches.

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