LANEX Joins CEA Spring 2022 StarCraft 2 Corporate League


Involvement of  Both Corporate Esports Association and LANEX Corporation

LANEX Corporation, a tech company specializing in software development, has recently joined the CEA Spring 2022 StarCraft 2 Corporate League. The team comprises LANEX Corporation employees who have a passion for gaming and want to represent their company in a new way.

The Corporate Esports Association (CEA), a non-profit entity, arranges online gaming competitions for teams from the corporate sector. Founded in 2019, the CEA's mission is to bring companies together through friendly competition while raising money for charity.

LANEX Corporation's involvement in the CEA is an exciting development for the company and the Esports industry. While Esports has traditionally been associated with individual players or teams, the rise of corporate Esports leagues is changing the sector's landscape.

LANEX Corporation commits to team building and team member engagement by joining the CEA. The competition allows LANEX Corporation employees to come together and bond over a shared interest outside of the workplace. It also allows the company to showcase its talent excitingly, potentially attracting new clients and partners interested in the tech industry.

Overview of StarCraft 2 and Why It's Popular in Esports

Blizzard Entertainment developed StarCraft 2, a real-time strategy game. They released it in 2010 and gained a massive following in Esports. The game is set up in either a 1v1 or 2v2 format where players can choose between three races: Terran, Protoss, or Zerg. 

One of the reasons StarCraft 2 is so prevalent in Esports is its complex gameplay and high skill ceiling. The game requires players to multitask, manage resources, and make real-time strategic decisions. It rewards players who can think on their feet and adapt to changing situations quickly.

Another factor that contributes to StarCraft 2's popularity is its balanced gameplay. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses, and no single "best" strategy exists. This creates a diverse and dynamic competitive scene, with players constantly experimenting with new tactics and strategies.

StarCraft 2 also has a strong community and support from Blizzard Entertainment. They regularly release updates and structure changes to keep the game fresh and balanced, and they host their tournaments and events.

See the next scheduled matches in this series here:

LANEX Team: How They Were Chosen

LANEX Corporation's diverse and talented team of individuals with various interests and skills extends beyond their well-known software development work.

We selected the team through an internal application process that was open to all employees who expressed interest. The company evaluated candidates based on their StarCraft 2 skill level, availability for matches, and commitment to representing the company positively..

The final team was selected based on these factors: team chemistry and communication skills. While StarCraft 2 is an individual game, communication and coordination between teammates are crucial in 2v2 matches.

The LANEX Corporation team members come from different departments within the company, including software development, marketing, and HR. This mix of backgrounds and expertise brings a unique perspective to their gameplay and teamwork.

LANEX Corporation's decision to form a team for the CEA Spring 2022 StarCraft 2 Corporate League reflects the company's employee engagement and team-building values. Each team member is eager to represent LANEX Corporation in a new and exciting way and fully committed to giving their best effort in every match.

Final Thoughts

One of the unique aspects of the CEA Spring 2022 Championship is that it raises funds for charity. The CEA chose a charity, and they donated all the proceeds from the tournament to it. This year's chosen charity is yet to be announced, but past contests have supported various causes, including mental health awareness and disaster relief efforts.

Through their participation in the CEA Spring 2022 Championship, LANEX Corporation competed for glory and contributes to a good cause. The tournament provides an opportunity for companies to come together and have fun while positively impacting the world.

Overall, the CEA Spring 2022 Championship is a unique and exciting opportunity for corporate teams to showcase their Esports skills while giving back to the community. We look forward to seeing LANEX Corporation and the other teams compete and make a difference through this tournament.

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