AI Software Development: 12 Reasons to Outsource


Modern tech companies are already adopting artificial intelligence into their software development process. AI-powered tools significantly reduce software development cycles through automation. By leveraging AI-driven systems, software companies can deliver better-quality products to the market faster. 

Let’s look into the compelling reasons modern tech companies are integrating AI-powered tools into their software development and the benefits of outsourcing your AI software development projects.

Reasons to Outsource AI Software Development Projects

AI technology gives tech companies a competitive advantage. The problem is this: Compared to traditional software development processes, projects involving machine learning and AI are usually highly complex, costly,  and time-consuming. Having the resources to complete these projects can also be a challenge. 

Tech companies have turned to outsourcing partners to solve these problems. Here are the key reasons behind these partnerships take place.

Access to Global Tech Experts

Skills relevant to AI projects are in high demand, and recruiting a full-time senior software engineer may take time and cost a lot of money and resources. Outsourcing AI software development projects allows you to have the leading global software developers working for you. 

Better Staffing

Another reason to outsource is so you can prioritize your business strategy while your dedicated outsourced team works on the AI software project. You can take the focus of your in-house staff away from software development and into business core competencies and improvements.

Better Accuracy and Quality

You can expect improved accuracy and better-quality output in your project because you are hiring the world's best talents. Staff augmentation and outsourcing companies usually have a diverse pool of senior developers with years of relevant industry experience. 

A US Telecommunication company outsourced their team of AI experts in LANEX. They hire a senior AI expert to build and help their development team create an AI system. This certainly gives them an advantage over hiring in-house junior developers who have yet to make their mark or hiring an expensive senior developer in the US. LANEX has a proven track record in this telecommunication company in terms of utilizing the delivery and the quality of work. 

Cost Effectiveness

Hiring permanent in-house senior software developers specializing in AI can be expensive, whereas hiring an offshore staff is less tedious and more cost-effective. You reduce overhead expenses and won’t worry about paying for their benefits. You also won’t need to shoulder training expenses.


You can expect better efficiency with outsourced AI experts at the helm of your artificial intelligence software development project. Onboarding outsourced IT experts will be faster. It is because there is no need to provide them with in-depth training compared to hiring junior developers. They will be able to hit the ground running on day 1.

Additionally, you curb hiring from a few weeks to just a few days. It typically takes 24 days to source and hire a senior-level full-time IT developer.


According to Zlibrarys, startups consider outsourcing their software development because it allows them to scale up or down depending on their workload and staffing situation. You can employ more talents with specialized skills on demand when there’s a spike in your deliverables. Also, gradually narrow down your staff as your collective workload decreases.

Importance of a Good Outsourcing Partner

Selecting a reliable outsourcing partner is critical to the success of your project. Here are the key things to consider when choosing the right outsourcing vendor:


Ensure that your software development outsourcing partner has a proven track record of success. The quality of your outsourced work may differ from what your in-house staff typically delivers, so it's vital to ensure that your outsourced development team has the expertise and experience to get the job done correctly.


Communication and coordination issues may arise if you partner with a software development outsourcing company that does not have a robust system or lacks experience. Undeniably, problems like these may impact your time-to-market.

Data Security and Intellectual Property

Your outsourcing partner should have clear policies and security measures on intellectual property and data security, which are critical in the tech industry. Hire only those whom you can trust not just to deliver the project on time but also to protect your intellectual property rights.


Continuity can be challenging if your partnership ends or your outsourced team is unavailable. Having a long-term plan and open communication with your AI software development outsourcing company works best. A contingency plan should be on both fronts to ensure a seamless transition between teams and projects.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to integrating AI technology into your software development. If you need help recruiting AI experts for your team, you can explore outsourcing your AI software development to a trusted outsourcing partner. LANEX has a proven track record of delivering quality output to its clients. 

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