Supercars Track Event Sponsored By LANEX


Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Summit Point Motorsports Park (Main Circuit)

Explore the true nature of your Supercar!

The Supercars Track Event Hosted by McLaren Sterling

The Supercars Track Event, Hosted by McLaren Sterling, was a unique event for supercar enthusiasts. The event offered participants the chance to experience the true capabilities of their supercars in a controlled and safe environment. McLaren Sterling, one of the most prominent supercar dealerships in the region, hosted the event, which featured some of the most iconic supercar brands, including Lamborghini, McLaren, and Ferrari.

This event gave supercar owners unique opportunities to improve their driving skills with in-car instruction and professional coaching. The event also offered a chance to network with other supercar owners, enthusiasts, and professionals in the industry. In addition, LANEX sponsored the first-ever live broadcast of this event, allowing supercar enthusiasts worldwide to witness the excitement and thrill of this unique experience.

The Supercars Track Event hosted by McLaren Sterling was a must-attend event for anyone passionate about supercars. This event promised an unforgettable experience with high-performance driving, professional coaching, and the chance to connect with fellow supercar enthusiasts.

Sterling Motorcars
Sterling Motorcars

Watch some stream highlights of the event below:

LANEXUS Sponsored Streaming Event

LANEX was proud to announce its sponsorship of the Supercars Track Event hosted by McLaren Sterling. As part of this sponsorship, LANEX teamed up with KJ Scuderia to offer the first-ever live broadcast of the event. This significant partnership allowed supercar enthusiasts worldwide to experience the event's excitement and thrill as it happened.

The live stream was hosted by Allie Alton, one of LANEX's Project Managers, who acted as the event's emcee. The broadcast showcased some of the most prestigious supercar brands, including Lamborghini, McLaren, and Ferrari, as they took to the track to test their cars' limits.

LANEX was excited to participate in this unique event as a leading IT solutions and services provider. The live broadcast was a testament to LANEX's commitment to innovation and ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

As the Supercars Track Event sponsored by LANEX and hosted by McLaren Sterling came to a close, supercar enthusiasts were left with unforgettable memories of the high-performance driving experience at Summit Point Motorsports Park. LANEX is proud to have participated in this unique event and partnered with KJ Scuderia to offer the first-ever live broadcast.

Final Thoughts

The Supercars Track Event sponsored by LANEX and hosted by McLaren Sterling was a fantastic experience for all involved. We are proud to have been a part of this unique event, and we look forward to working with our clients to bring their projects to life.

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