Roommates with Kids

RoommatesWithKids is a booking platform that aims to make finding a home simplified and streamlined for single parents. The platform allows them to meet like-minded parents and roommates who also have a child or children.

The Challenge

RoommatesWithKids started with a web application. The company wanted to reach more users by developing a mobile app version of the website.

The Solution

LANEX formed a development team consist of a UI/UX Designer and engineers to develop an Android and iOS mobile app version of the platform in less than three months.
Implemented Features


Implemented multiple authentication processes such as custom registration and authentication module and third-party applications via Apple Account and Google.

Account Management

A dashboard to manage user profile, change the username, change password, deactivate an account, delete the account, gallery, and other preferences.

P2P Messaging

This feature enables peer-to-peer messaging. Users can list, create, open, and send messages to other members on the platform.


Auto notification through email that allows users to receive information from the platform.

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