Heybaby is a dating app for people who want kids or have kids. It is the first dating app that puts the kid’s conversation front and center. Whether you see children in your future or have them already, heybaby is here to cut through the dating clutter and help family-minded people find each other.

The Challenge

Heybaby needs an easy way to manage its user base. They wanted to develop an administration tool/portal to allow administrators to manage content and the app users.

The Solution

LANEX helped heybaby create a Moderation facility that allows moderators to approve user updates, communicate with users regarding approvals, and manage the heybaby app and website.
Implemented Features

Admin Platform

A fully functional administration portal that allows administrators to manage app users and content.

User Management

A user management module to approve, delete, or moderate new members, photos, videos, etc., on the platform.

App and Website Management

A moderation feature to manage and easily communicate with app users via chat and email for support and other account concerns.


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