GE Reports

GE Reports is a website that features daily news, video, and social media hub covering GE’s transformation into the world’s largest digital industrial company. It is centered around GE’s business, innovation, and digital transformation, using software and data analytics to connect, control, and improve machines and entire industries.

The Challenge

GE needed to develop a landing page for the 2018 Global Innovation Barometer report that is interactive and mobile responsive. They need to think of a functional design for an interactive website that they can easily manage and maintain.

The Solution

LANEX designed and developed the landing page for the report. We formed a design team to work on an interactive format with infographic content (animated-display) that can support low-bandwidth and low-end devices. A CMS platform also was used to provide a facility to manage content and the poll system on the landing page.
Implemented Features

Interactive Landing Page

The mobile responsive landing page was designed with infographic contents (animated display) to have a modern look and interactive interface.

Back-end Admin Portal

It is integrated with back-end tracking and administration to monitor the interaction and responses of users on the web app.

Social media Integration

They have added social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook to increase engagement and website traffic.

Google Analytics integration

Web analytics integration using Google Analytics to track and report website traffic.

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