ECCA Enterprise's Virtual Mall System is a new eCommerce virtual platform for luxury items on mobile and web-based applications. It has administration functionalities where retail store owners can create a virtual storefront using AR/VR technology and manage their products.

The Challenge

ECCA Enterprise wanted to build a virtual mall that allows consumers to shop for luxury items from the comfort of their homes and provide them with an ultra-realistic experience.

The Solution

LANEX created a team composed of developers and UI/UX designers. The team designed and developed a virtual mall concept using AR/VR technology. This application provides the customer with creative and engaging ways of online shopping through its virtual stores and realistic 3D product animation. Customers can access the said application on both mobile and web browsers.
Implemented Features

Branding and UI/UX strategy

LANEX implemented brand directions and a better UX strategy to reach the target market effectively.

Virtual Storefront Interactivity

Each vendor has an interactive UI for the virtual storefront linked to the retailer’s website. This feature allows users to browse and locate stores in 3D experience virtually. Users can navigate throughout the virtual store to view, select, and purchase available products listed.

Product Inventory and Order Management

The system provides a back-end administration portal where vendors can manage their product inventory and orders. This feature supports the in-store fulfillment partner of each virtual store.

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