LANEX Financial Program



Essentials Consumer Benefits

Application Process

LANEX CORPORATION provides a simple application process for financing options. Customers can apply online through our customer web page from their store, home, or mobile phone. The system will instantly approve or decline customers based on their credit profile.

How it works

The Essential Consumer Benefits operates on the following process:

  1. Direct your customer to your own web page to apply.
  2. Customers may apply from the store, home, or mobile phone. 
  3. Customers may instantly be approved or declined. Once approved, they will be matched with a lender. 
  4. The customer will comply with the necessary bank documents to complete the loan documents and terms. 
  5. The lender funds the customer within 2-5 days.
  6. The customer completes the purchase, or you draft their card or bank account.

**We provide daily/weekly reporting to know which clients have been approved or declined. We provide all their contact information so you can easily follow up and complete the sales.

Interest Rates

We customize the rates we offer to every customer’s credit profile, ranging from 5.99% to 39.99%. We also provide a subprime option for customers with challenged credit.

Credit Pull

We perform a soft credit pull to determine the customer’s creditworthiness. This will only impact their credit score once they decide to take a loan.

National Lenders

LANEX CORPORATION matches customers with the best offer from our network of national lenders.

Loan Completion

If the Client approve, they will collaborate directly with the lender to finish the loan agreements. The lender will fund the customer within 2-5 days. Once funded, the customer can complete their purchase, or we can draft their card or bank account.

Program Investment

The program’s investment includes a one-time setup fee of $495.00 and a monthly subscription fee of $49.95 (1st month free), providing reporting and a website. The discount rate is 5%.


Limitation of Liability

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Governing Law

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Modification of Terms and Conditions

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Contact Information

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